Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quantitative Easing 2: US economy continues to sink (03Nov10)

The broke United States are pretending that printing more money will recover their economy - it won't. The money meant and banks will make the money, and the little people paying the taxes will be hung out to dry. The US economy is sinking to oblivion.

Congratulations to idiots like Gordon Brown and President Obama, who actually believe in their idol Keynes in how to ruin an economy.

What the money markets have done is give a loaded gun to sucker politicians, and said if you don't give us money, we'll pull the trigger and collapse the economy. The politicians give these crooks more money, and the economy continues to sink anyway. The politicians are in on the scam.

If people like Brown and Obama wonder why people do not support them, look at what the politicians have DELIBERATELY done to their economies.

Recorded from Newsnight, 03 November 2010.