Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bio-microchip ready in March 2013

When President Obama realized the importance and significance of the micro biochip especially with the development the Nano Technology, he embarked in the development of the biochip into possibly a mini medical laboratory right inside the human body (in conjunction with the computors). This will definitely ensure a healthier life for the user with the biochip constantly monitoring the health of the body. This will safe the American billions of dollar from , medication, hospitalization, health care, etc. This Verichip (micro biochip for human implantation) with unexpectedly great health benefit to the user, will be ready latest by 23rd March 2013. Every American will be grateful for this chip. Almost all Christians too will disire this Verichip for it will almost gaurantee a healthy body and a longer lifespan. But it is the mark of the beast or '666'. God's love for His people is shown that before the availability of this miraculous chip, WW3 will break out. So Israel will attack Iran before the end of 2012.