Friday, December 21, 2012

Obama to Use Executive Order to Ban Guns ~ Mike Rivero

The bankers & corporations control the government, they are attempting to fully convert the u.s. into a socialist culture & society, Once a majority of Citizens accept 'DEPENDENCY' on government (socialism) it is full speed ahead with TAXES & POLICE. government today is a silent form of a monarchy. They will increase government employees to an insane level, county state & federal. It is present day form of SLAVERY for the white man & everyone else ,once they take away the average citizen's guns the country & society fast tracked to the acceptance & compliance to federal centralized government. They know that in order to complete the full conversion of the u.s. Citizens to accept and comply with socialism they MUST have a significant portion of the u.s population surrender their guns! Once this is accomplished the u.s. will convert to socialism / corporatism almost OVER NIGHT!!