Wednesday, January 30, 2013

France is Bankrupt and is too Big to Bail

France's Labour Minister has sent shivers down the spines of his compatriots after announcing that the country is a bankrupt state - in a radio interview on Sunday. Michel Sapin later rebutted the comment, saying it was a joke. Executive Director at DV Advisors, Patrick Young, doesn't see the funny side...This has been perfectly set up. At the end of the story Germany alone will be left holding all the bills to be paid. Versailles, Nuremberg, Strasbourg /Brussels. But Germans seem to be waking up and are getting fed up. Alright, no more Euro Now the EU can collapse, along with that whole part of the world. And the most bankrupt nation on the planet is still going to remain more afloat than them! America. We defy odds, even the ones where that's BAD.