Monday, April 1, 2013

David Icke : The Rothschild Agenda...Third World War & New World Order

The Rothschild control the banks of the world, and they print the money out of thin air, so everything can be "bought". Money equals debt, it means nothing to them, it's just a way of enslaving us the population of the world, to work the rest of our life. "Don't think, just work and watch TV before you go to sleep". One thing people and governments seems to forget is that we (the citizens) have the greatest resource on our side when it come to war and/or conflict (which we will see soon enough) we have overwhelming NUMBERS. They cannot possibly hope to stop even half of us when the time comes to rise up and do something. The biggest crutch to this is the ones who dont know, the blind ones, the ones who sit by idle and do nothing. The sooner we are all educated the sooner we can all change this place.