Saturday, April 6, 2013

ExxonMobil Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Ruptures in Arkansas an Environmental Armageddon

Environmental fears grow in US over Keystone XL Pipeline

Last week an Exxon-Mobil pipeline burst, spilling out thousands of barrels of crude oil into Mayflower, Arkansas, damaging homes, lands, waters and wildlife. 22 homes were evacuated as a result of the rupture. Though Exxon-Mobil is working on cleaning the spill and has publicly stated that it will pay for all clean up costs. Experts state oil companies have made promises like these in the past but have been slow in doing them, if they do them at all.

This corrosive oil is the same kind that will be transported in the controversial Keystone XL pipeline which cuts through the United States, sparking fears over the damage it might do should it also burst.

The Keystone pipeline is nine times the size of the pipeline which ruptured in Arkansas. Momentum against the keystone pipeline has been building. Last month, 40,000 protesters descended on Washington to demand president Obama stop the pipeline's construction.