Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Global Financial Collapse 2013 THE TICKING BOMB What is a safe place?

TBTF is Economic Fraud upon every individual, demonstrated by the Fact its individual executives are given Big Bonuses, as compared against the Too Small To Fail individuals Get Damage!

Too Big To Fail is a Lie … Equality is no longer Equal … When has Failure ever been rewarded!

So what if the Too Big To Fail were allowed to Fail, that failure would be no worse than the Failure to let it Fail!

That is flat out stealing. How do the banks think that the money I place there for so called safe keeping, money I earned from working and managing my budget, is their’s to take when they want? So the next question is how am i going to get a physical check to me and cash it and keep my money to myself. They want to take away our right to defend ourselves, take away freedom of speech, for chemicals down us that cause medical issues, force us to eat contaminated food and water and now be able to take our money when ever they want? I wish i never had kids. They have no future and they will have hardships they never deserved.