Sunday, April 7, 2013

It is NOW Time to Leave the Cities!

• Dire conditions in cities during 7 Trumpets
• Cities will be ruined and deserted
• City dwellers must be warned through visits
• Buying & selling restrictions for His people
• Yahuwah will provide a way out of the cities
• Yahushua warned: "Remember Lot's wife"
Bible Prophecy - There has never been a time such as NOW to obey the warnings of Bible Prophecy and Leave the City!
FIAT CURRENCY has become a weapon..first used to enslave you for to prison you and kill you and your family off.
We are in a big war called the FIAT WARS!!!
Where fiat is used as a bomb to kill civilians.
Everyone who needs it will do whatever they want…they will look the other way.
All to get something that is imaginary.
The second the government did NOT respect the value of the people money.
The GAME IS OVER…meaning you now should know the fiat is useless and should NOT be giving away your lands and properties for more fiat paper.
YOU LOST!! You played a game where they can print as much as they want..and you tried to play by rules to earn yours.
There is only one way to beat them…ABOLISH ALL CURRENCY until we can round these terrorist up and try them in a court of law for their crimes against humanity.
If you let them trade glass beads for our lands..YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!