Friday, April 5, 2013

Judge Napolitano : Connecticut Gun Control Law is Absurd and Unenforceable & Should be VOID

Judge Napolitano : Connecticut Gun Control Law 'A Wishlist For Those Who Hate 2nd Amendment'

"I think it is a serious interference with the individual right to keep and bear arms, and Connecticut is a unique situation. You have people legitimately grieving over the tragedy right before Christmas in Newtown. You also have a very, very liberal, very progressive government that wants to feel like it is doing something to alleviate that grieving. Unfortunately, what it is doing would not have stopped Adam Lanza even if these laws had been in place at the time, and will only affect law-abiding people and their ability to hunt, shoot and protect themselves when the police can't and won't. It will not stop a single criminal -- or a single crazy person -- from doing the type of thing that has plagued our society."