Wednesday, April 10, 2013

North Korea may Fire Multiple Missiles Later Today

NHK. South Korean officials say North Korea may be preparing to fire multiple missiles.
North Korean forces have already moved to the Sea of Japan coast what appears to be a mid-range Musudan ballistic missile.
South Korean government and diplomatic sources said on Wednesday there are signs Pyongyang is also preparing to launch shorter-range Scud and Rodong missiles toward the Sea of Japan. Scud missiles have a range of several hundred kilometers. The Rodong has a range of around 1,300 kilometers.
Officials in South Korea's defense ministry say the Musudan missile could be launched later on Wednesday.
They also warn that North Korea may fire multiple missiles at the same time, or one after another.
South Korea and the US have raised the alert level by one notch. They raised the level by the same amount when the North conducted nuclear tests in the past and when it shelled South Korea's Yeonpyeong Island in 2010.