Thursday, April 4, 2013

North Korea on HIGH ALERT - Kim Jong-un: The Moment of Explosion is Coming

As family’s struggle day after day with the economic crisis the political powers and corrupt profit once again on spending our money fighting yet another fight that shouldn’t be fought, not that we shouldn’t fight back if attacked…

Nothing ever just happens great plans are made to plot these massive world wide events.

North Korea is PROBABLY just a BIG DISTRACTION people……….Pay MORE ATTENTION to what is happening within our own Amerikan borders. It is all designed to take your eye off the ball……to get you “looking outward” and not “inward” at what is happening down your local street.

Pay attention to the following items:
gun control
troop movements
DHS activities
UN troops training here
more FEMA camp construction
Tea Party demagoguery by the mainstream press

And to really be a THORN IN THEIR SIDE be sure to buy more guns & ammo and “be a prepper”………that last one really pisses them off and helps to derail their ultimate “globalist” agenda……..!