Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Police Militarization in America ~ Cops Fire 20 Bullets At Unarmed Man In His Bed! Then Call It Justified!

Why do we need to raid a poker house? Why the hell should poker be illegal? Why should selling raw milk be illegal? Why should not having a license to do business be illegal and require a well armed SWAT team to kick in the door? It seems to me if this country emphasized free markets, free choices--you know that thing protected by the constitution called liberty--then there would be no need to violently defend something that shouldn't get you into trouble in the first place. So long as we allow a monopoly on police "services" backed by State force/aggression (or threat thereof), the issue of police militarization will only continue to get worse. The only viable solution is the truly libertarian/voluntaryist solution: to allow police services to complete within a voluntary market, free from any State aggression.