Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Poverty, an Artificial Imposition by the NWO

The End of Poverty

You don't have to live in Africa to experience this government imposed poverty. The idea that food stamps, educational subsidies and health benefits are entitlement programs that 'the poor' are unworthy to receive are examples of the same mindset occurring here in the U.S. But the gutting of these programs here is more subtle and insidious than the more blatant practices your article highlighted. It is almost that as the economy grows, and the 'one percent' that are the beneficiaries of this growth get richer, the idea that 'the government' spends too much money on 'entitlements' and restrictions on the wealthy (i.e. corporations and their stock holders) must be removed gets stronger. It gets pretty hard to believe that this is not deliberate. It is probably just human nature, or some mathematical property of the capitalistic economic system that puts pressure on that system to make the 'elite' even stronger, rather than a conspiracy. It sure seems like one though, and government needs to find a way to ensure a more equitable distribution of the wealth of our nation. Its too bad that idea has been branded 'socialism' and therefore 'anathema' to American values. It only seems to be common sense to me. The idea that governments should ensure at least a somewhat equitable distribution of wealth among its people is anathema in the U.S. and is under attack in Europe as well. In Africa it was never allowed to take hold, and the financial powers that run the world seem to like it that way. I think its absolutely insane that the consensus opinion is that we spend too much money on entitlements - like health care and education. That the wealthy corporations need less 'regulation' because they provide the 'jobs'. The elite class that run these corporations are not interested in providing jobs, they just want more money, and each job created means money that, for them, flows in the wrong direction. I do hope that the 'occupy movement' is a sign that the American People are finally waking up to this fact. I don't think 'the one percent' as individuals are inherently evil, nor do I propose class warfare, but a new model needs to be built that strips power from the financial institutions, for those institutions are structured so that policies that keep the money flowing upward to the elites of all countries benefit them as well. That power is currently corrupting all nations, not just Africa. I do hope a way can be found to 'fix the system', because it is obviously totally out of control.