Monday, April 8, 2013

The Dollar Collapse Mathematically inevitable , Buy Silver & Gold

The BIGGEST threat to USA empire is New Worlds Financial System. USA dollar printed paper currency without backing of goods services or gold it is in deep hyperinflation just a question of time when it starts. Around 200.000 Billion $ is in world circulation only 0.4% is backed by Gold or 800 Billion $ the rest is printed Paper civilizations which are based on printed paper are heading towards economic collapse With The Fed being the "lender of last resort" (euphemism for last hope for pet banks/corporations to get bailed out) they're buying $40 Billion in mortgage backed securities a month until "things improve." This naturally will provide a false signal that mortgages are back to "normal" but the reality is that the debasement of the currency is slower and will be felt much later after the debts catchup to the debtors. Another little bubble.