Monday, April 1, 2013

The Illuminati have their first Jesuit Pope in The Vatican

The Illuminati: The Pope Francis I Conspiracy

The Jesuits are the Illuminati. They will use any trick in the book to fulfill their plans (they wrote the book) They use the saying "the end justifies the means", so they don't have any rules to live by. When you look at it all of this leads to the Vatican, and the Freemasons. The reason why they worship a owl is because they are worshiping pagan deities . When you think about it the Illuminati are part of the conspiracy too because they are also a secret society, all secret societies are mystics like the skull and bones some people think its just a fraternity but its more than that.They have a whole agenda to gain control of the world and lead us into a NWO one world government and one religion and their religion is NOT of god, their religion has its roots in Babylon. The Jesuits who are in the Vatican and around the world are Antichrist and they have been trying to take over since the beginning they are the ones who killed Christians and tried to convert people to follow their pagan religion. These people sacrifice babies and drink blood, the same thing Babylonians did.