Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The New Black Jesuit Pope Illuminati Satanic Ritual 444 11:11

3/13/13 Satanic Ritual Pope Francis I & James Holmes 444 11:11 Connection, Illuminati's New Aeon . 1581 - Francis Drake awarded a Knighthood by Queen Elizabeth I aboard Golden Hind at Deptford http://www.historyorb.com/events/april/4

Revelation 13 = BEAST 666

September13 = UN Resolution 666 / Gulf War / destruction of BABYLON (UN SC: 5 + Germany & Japan that pay 22% & 19% respectively of the UN Annual budget = 7 heads of the beast. 10 horns = 10 non-permanent members. Blasphemy on each head = God is the only superpower; all other claimants are blasphemy

When the ants found out there was more of them then the grass hoppers they came and fought against them! We the people combined can fight and win also. But we need to stop fighting among ourselfs and start putting our differances a side and sharpen each others swords for the end!The devil separates and divides and thats how he keeps his power over us!! in a nonviolent manner ! such as fighting against the mark of the beast when it comes up it goes against our religious believes by not standing around and just keep allowing the to take over. there was a hidden message in the dizney movie the ants against the grass hoppers it was really ingenues . They're days ahead of us that our going to be very devastating !We all need to come together and fight now while we still can against the devil! before its too late. To fight against a goverment and againts the power of the devil By empowering ourselfs drawing near to our Lord Jesus Christ who fought against the devil and Won! Stop isalating ourselfs from one another not to be one with the vatiagian but us that our not a part of their establishment !