Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tim Rifat ~ North Korea´s Ultimate Defense

North Korea´s Ultimate Defense - By Tim Rifat on The Jeff Rense Show April 1st 2013 :

North Korea would just ship the bombs via containers out of Hong Kong for storage in strategically located warehouses around the US. Then on some fateful day it would all go off and N K would just cry well we didn’t do it and use the provocation as an excuse to attack South Korea. I will tell you how far the missiles can go! anywhere on the planet when launched from a container ship just a few miles off the US east or west coast!! you freaking dummy! Have you learned nothing from the Fukushima disaster. South Korea’s 59 active nuclear plants are all well within reach of the Norths artillery and missiles . What is a nuclear reactor? a hostage to the Norths Nukes and Missiles when they are hit the radiation will travel across the Pacific and the North American continent will become a radio active desert with a month or so!