Sunday, May 26, 2013

Big Government An Unnecessary Evil That Should Be Abolished, by Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith says that government is too big and should be abolished
He says it's all your fault, because you're lazy and content, with someone telling you what to do
He says the government systematically worked to remove the citizen from the process and the citizens are no longer involved with the process
He says the government exists to serve a few, at the expense of many and I think he's right
Some want to bring this episode to a close by marching on Washington, with loaded guns and this means civil war
I favor a peaceful revolution and return to the Constitution but who am I?
I'm just a nobody who wants peace, prosperity and less government.........I mean, NO GOVERNMENT!
All governments are bad! There is inherent evil in all governments and we need to be our own leaders!


  1. I like Brandon Smith, I really do. He calls a "Spade a Spade," and doesn't MINCE WORDS! I would like to say this though, Brandon, remember, God is in control, and whatever happens, happens for a reason. Regardless of whether we understand why, EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

  2. Typical of the naive "libertarian" thought leading to de-regulation, leading to control of gov by big corporations and bankers. We have Big Corporations and plutocratic fascism, not big government. Get real, we need big democracy and an end to money as speech.