Friday, May 31, 2013

BILDERBERG 2013 - People Of Britain, Its Your Duty To Descend On Watford!

Such a shame this event has been curtailed. Really would have liked to make my peaceful protest known, but felt it would have been rather restrictive at the Grove itself, so this venue would have been an ideal and relaxing alternative.

By denying us even this, our officials really do not have any understanding of the peoples’ wishes and just proves how redundant they have become.The Watford Borough Council is working overtime to protect and harbor these criminals next week at the Bilderberg meeting AT UK TAXPAYER’S EXPENSE. I will take the time to think of the best strategies to defeat this outrage. As it stands, nothing makes any sense. The area for protestors is microscopic in comparison to the estimated numbers of those who are anticipated to actively protest. And now this. They are going out of their way to be antagonistic and belligerent to protestors. As the saying goes, something’s gotta give.

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