Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blood on Hands then No Blood on Hands - London "Terrorist Beheading of British Soldier" 100% Hoax

It's so obvious this is a HOAX. The people that can't see it for what it is are programmed. That simple. Suspect has nice clean jeans, and top. No blood around shot suspects. No blood I can see around or on victim who was "chopped up and beheaded". Other suspect across the street appears to have no blood on him. Like taking candy from a baby. Should keep the endless bankrupting wars going for many more years. Also justify the police state, drones, cameras, loss of rights, stop and search, ect...These governments do jedi mind tricks on the sheep! It doesn't work on those that are awake!

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  1. The victim wasn't beheaded although there was an attempt to remove is head. It is not clear how the man died. The killers ran the victim over in their car (according to a witness the collision would have been quite sufficient to cause fatality) possibly causing all types of internal bleeding. They then proceeded to stab the soldier numerous times (according to the same witness), after which his body was lifeless and quite possibly even before the knife attack. It was then that they must of decided to try and remove his head (possibly to display as some sort victory trophy.... who knows what they were thinking?) but they were unsuccessful. The body was then dragged from the pavement (sidewalk) onto the road. There was plenty of blood at the spot where the man was mowed down. It is more than likely that he had bled to death (maybe even internally) before being moved. His heart may have stopped beating even before the killers left their car. Until further information comes to light everything else is speculation!