Friday, May 17, 2013

Breaking Our Previous Financial Agreements to Government

Divorcing ourselves from previous agreements is sometimes necessary to create freedom ahead.
To create and manifest the new out of the old we sometimes have to break previous agreements and attachments to be able to move ahead. This comes in many forms which can be ties with ourselves which release us from old constraints, ties to others, and ties to the system we are living in. Contracts with ourselves must often be broken to release us into new vistas of possibilities which could not materialize should we still stay as we are.
This can sometimes feel painful and daunting but often we have to give up what we’ve got to get what we want, and give up who we were to become who we really are. A caterpillar breaks its agreement to being a caterpillar or wouldn’t be able to metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly. But the caterpillar doesn’t have to resent its previous existence, it can respect and honor what it was, but must still step away from it into what it is to become which breaks that previous contract with being a caterpillar, or it cannot progress.
The Toltec shamans talked of the importance of being able to break old agreements, as have other older wisdom traditions. Many people stay in ‘the safety’ of an agreement, which can sometimes be the wisest decision, but not if it is keeping someone from blossoming into the magnificent physical and spiritual being which they are, and certainly not if the agreement is killing their souls, keeping them as slaves and ravaging the planet they live on.
We are now breaking our old contract and agreement to the current global system that we have served for hundreds if not thousands of years. The interesting point is that we never really signed any formal agreement or contract, but the massive fear that underpins our society is what steered us to serve the system as its slaves. This has been deeply imprinted into our minds and souls, and each generation is born into the same acceptance of the unseen and unspoken, but very real agreement and contract which their parents and their parents were born into, of slavery by fear. 
The importance of being fluid and flexible at this crucial moment in human history can’t be overstated, and nature shows us again and again that if it is not prepared to be flexible it will pay a heavy price. The agreements that we have made with the system currently in place are very deeply embedded in our souls, and we have believed them to be true for a very long time, and walked that agreement every day of our lives. We have become like rabbits in the headlights, paralyzed by the nightmare we are trapped in. We are absolute hero’s to have endured it so long, doing our best to stay cheerful in this concentration camp.
I have talked a lot about how we manifest and create with thought. This is what is taking place now, as people everywhere have decided to break that unseen, and unspoken agreement they were funneled into with lies and deceit. The most important thing for us all as we break these agreements is to visualize a system beyond it, and believe we can achieve that vision, without any influence or control from the oligarchs.
When we break this contract we must be very careful not to make any other agreements or be tempted to accept any help from the slave masters that have controlled humanity for thousands of years. We must become independent. We are not to be seduced back to another prison of slavery once we are free, and we must be very alert for signs that we are being lured into another concentration camp once we leave this one. – Jason Liosatos.