Friday, May 31, 2013

Build Up To WW3: Syria Receives S-300 Missiles From Russia & Israel Says New War Is Coming

Lead Up To WW3: Syria Recieves S-300 Missiles From Russia & Israel Says New War Is Coming

Israel warned Thursday that it needed to prepare for a "new era" of war in the Middle East as the Syrian regime claimed the first shipment of anti-aircraft missiles from Russia had arrived.

The message comes as the Syrian opposition announced it will not attend a peace conference pushed by the Obama administration, crushing hopes of a ceasefire agreement soon in a war that is rapidly spilling across borders.

Israel vowed to target the S-300 long-range missiles that Russia has promised to send to Syria, insisting the rockets are an offensive weapon that could target Israeli commercial aircraft as well as its fighter jets inside Israeli airspace.

Speaking at the conclusion of a five-day civil defense drill that simulated missile attacks from Syria, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel "must prepare defensively and offensively for the new era of warfare."

"The Israeli home front is more accessible to the enemy than it has been," he said.

His remarks come as fighting between the rebels and Syrian military continued Thursday in the town of Qusair near the border with Lebanon. The Syrian army Wednesday took control of nearby Dabaa air base with the help of hundreds of Hezbollah militants.

The region is important to rebels who use it to transport supplies to their fighters. If lost would be a significant setback for the opposition, which has controlled the region for a year.

Establishment media refuses to focus on fact al-Qaeda in Syria is the chemical weapons threat

n an effort to up the ante in Syria and force the United States to intervene militarily, the British government on Wednesday sent a letter to United Nations boss Ban ki-moon alleging three new incidents of the al-Assad regime using chemical weapons against so-called rebels.

The British and French have yet to provide conclusive evidence that the Syrian regime has in fact used chemicals weapons. Due to a lack of evidence, the Obama administration has balked on using military force in Syria.

"Although there is little sign of the UN investigations team declaring chemical weapons have been used, western governments say that reporting of such incidents keeps up pressure on the Assad government and could deter it from large-scale use of chemical weapons," The Guardian reported on Wednesday.

Elizabeth O'Bagy, political director for the "Syrian Emergency Task Force" and , a U.S.-based nonprofit providing support to the opposition, allegedly organised the visit which brought McCain just half a mile inside Syria on Monday 27 May.

Syria: Assad says government is to receive missiles from Russia

President's claim raises tensions after indication by senior Israeli figures that delivery may prompt pre-emptive attack

Most Americans assume that the U.S. military is so vastly superior to everyone else that no other nation would ever dream of fighting a full-scale war against us. Unfortunately, that assumption is dead wrong. In recent years, the once mammoth technological gap between the U.S. military and the Chinese military has been closing at a frightening pace. China has been accomplishing this by brazenly stealing our technology and hacking into our computer systems. The Pentagon and the Obama administration know all about this, but they don't do anything about it. Perhaps the fact that China owns about a trillion dollars of our national debt has something to do with that.

In any event, today China has the largest military in the world and the second largest military budget in the world. They have stolen plans for our most advanced jets, helicopters, ships and missile systems. It is estimated that stealing our technology has saved China about 25 years of research and development. In addition, China is rapidly developing a new generation of strategic weapons that could potentially enable it to actually win a future war against the United States.

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  1. ron paul was right, messing around with the Russians, is not a good idea, it is now Putin who drawn the red line, the S 300 are always in front of the topol M nuclear missiles, sending the
    s 300, is having the defense next door and the heavy one way behind, but quite fast. patriots will be useless, as they told you. so Israel i believe might don't really know who he is messing with.