Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Changing Our Destiny

By Jason Liosatos :In this video I talk about consequences, outcomes, and feedback loops from decisions made without careful vision and wisdom, and how our reality is the work of what we thought and did previously. I also talk about Syria, The Middle East, and the unfolding events as the West continues to arm rebel fighters to do their dirty job for them to oust Assad and secure the region on their way to Iran. I talk about my interviews with Noam Chomsky and Pepe Escobar who were also giving examples of Government without vision and wisdom and the great danger we face now as humanity as the feedback loops emerge from the manifesting future to punish us. I also talk of positive hope because we are magicians with amnesia, and we are remembering now that we actually manifest and steer our own destiny into fruition, and it is up to us to become master artists in order to sculpt, paint and manifest the future into being, by the manipulation of matter via consciousness.

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