Friday, May 31, 2013

Coming Economic Collapse United States 2014

Coming Economic Collapse United States 2014

Since the Fed is just a ponzi scheme they can write down their debt since they also operate the printing pre$$es. Mathematically, the debt can’t ever be repaid, so forget it. Solution: Quit NAFTA, GATT and WTO, bring back manufacturing jobs to the USA and put the middle class back to work making shoes, clothes, electronics, computers, IC manufacturing, autos, tires, steel, textiles; start drilling our own oil again in every State and offshore, grow healthy non-GMO foods and ban ALL pharmaceutical adds from television.

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  1. A central bank with an account for every person of any age. Credits based on something tangible. Access by a three dimensional key that can verify the identity of the key holder. Electronic transfers only. All transactions traceable. Identifying the owner of an account, if not volunteered, requires a court order.
    New government that has the following purposes:
    * maintaining the security and integrity of the nation as an independent country
    * protecting the rights of all persons
    * managing what is owned in common, which is all that Nature/God provided