Monday, May 13, 2013

Donald Trump on Barbara Walters, Benghazi Gate, Media and IRS - 5/13/13

May 13, 2013 - Donald Trump Weighs On Barbara Walters, Benghazi Gate & IRS - Love America? Get Audited!

The US hires Libyans to protect US assets. Libyans are also Al-Qaeda operatives who may or may not be enemies of the US depending on who you talk to. Now CHINA calls in their chips for a shit pot load of junk US bonds Purchased against a falling US dollar. Keep in mind that China has a stake in Libyan oil by the way. Now the US has to pay the rent…. Al-Qaeda / Libyans ( paid by uncle sam )attack US asset in Libya knowing full well that protection levels are bare bones and are assured resistance will be small. Goal you ask? Destroy any and all documentation of existing oil contracts currently stored at US asset. US causalities are collateral damage and cannot be explained since nobody was supposed to be home. Two weeks pass before FBI investigation, plenty of time to clean house. Meanwhile… China swoops in and lays claim to oil while forgiving US bond debt. China has a sudden and dramatic influx in Libyan oil and US markets start to rise on the now forgiven bonds. Why the coverup Because having the US play mercenary for China would not go over well with the general population…… But it’s only a theory Could happen though