Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kissinger on US/China Relations - "The challenge is how to build a world order"

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has repeatedly called for a global new world order. The Rockefeller minion is wanted in several countries for war crimes and yet he still continues to carry out his agenda for a new world order and an eventual one world government. On May 21 2013 while discussing "US-China Economic Relations in the Next Decade" Kissinger stated that "we are now facing a common challenge and the challenge is how to build a world order for the first time in history on a global basis".


  1. Amen Mr. Kissinger

  2. The only global order that will not include the exploitation of people, neglect of their rights or systemic injustice is an order based on true human rights. These rights were revealed in an analysis of what rights every person (male or female) is born with. They are objective and unassailable- like the principles of mathematics or theoretical science- and can be understood and embraced by any rational person. Government based on these rights can authorize sub-jurisdictions that are formed by people who were brought together by common values, common heritage (e.g., tribes), common religious belief (some already exist)or such other. Throughout, every person's fundamental rights would be protected.
    There is a much broader discussion of these matters in my book "Human Rights, What Are They Really?

  3. Saddam hanged,Qaddafi shot,Assad next on the list. Bush Sn r and Jr, Obama a Nobel peace prize? What the fuck, is it only America who say's who has committed war crimes? This place planet Earth is getting beyond the joke, OH and I forgot to mention "old mate " in Israel I can't spell his name but you know who I mean. Tony Blair, Australian Prime ministers any one who has conducted a war under false pretenses for the "Banksters" have committed crimes against humanity and they should suffer the consequences as they have dealt out.