Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lindsey Williams ~ America is next after Cyprus

Lindsey Williams on Goldseek Radio 18 May 2013

Lindsey Williams delivers more earth shattering critical information on the plans of the Illuminati (whom he refers to as ''The Elite'') to destroy the world economy through the derivative market, which will subsequently cause the collapse of every currency in the world. He states that the Elite will then pose as the savior of the global economy- by providing the solution they already had waiting in the wings; One World Currency. As the alternative to the decimation caused by inflation. Williams states that the turmoil in Cyprus was merely an example of what will happen in countries across the globe, although in less obvious terms; devaluation as opposed to outright confiscation. He refers to the Canadian Government's Economic Action Plan 2013 which includes provisions to institute ''bail-ins'' to save insolvent banks via the use of bank capital (i.e. your deposits) which can clearly be evidenced in documentation on pages 144-145. (Google ''Economic Action Plan of 2013'' of the Canadian Government- see for yourself. Also view the link here Williams also mentions that the healthcare bill which comes into effect on January 1st 2014 will completely destroy the United States Healthcare System.