Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Education System is Worthless

Education Is Useless .

The problem is that education has become a business, and businesses are concerned with profit.The schools are corporations they arent there to teach you useful information in life they are there to corporate approved data, whether its a lie or not..... welcome to bank rule its all fraud . College is a legal scam. You spend 6 years in college putting yourself in debt so you can work off that debt in a corporate job that doesn't give a crap about you for your entire life. You don't need college when you have the internet, books that cost half the price on Amazon, and the discipline to be self taught. Unless you're going to work in health care, it's not really worth it.Most employers require or provide some kind of training for their employees anyway. May as well move it up to the employer level since every corporate has their own specific needs. Judge a candidate based on their personality rather than their education since you'll need to teach them how to perform their job anyway. Send employees to private certification courses so that there can be more competition in the education industry.