Sunday, May 12, 2013

Our Financial System is Sick, Diseased, Dying and Killing Us

The whole system is a corpse which needs to be buried, before it further contaminates this struggling society and planet.

A disease, or dis-ease in a body generally has a location and symptoms, the symptoms being the warning signal, which gives the dis-eased body a chance to restore that part and recover, often by addressing the thing or lifestyle that caused it. If we ignore the symptoms and warning signals of a diseased body, whether it is a human one, societal, financial, political, or global one, it will, like a diseased body, consume and kill us.

The current financial system we live in is sick, dying, and almost dead, but the deluded psychopaths controlling it are in denial, and they are trying to resuscitate a dead corpse, desperately giving it mouth to mouth, and endless ‘injections’ of cash. This corpse is festering and poisoning an already poisoned system even further than it has and is causing further misery. I heard a banker today still deluded, talking about kick starting the economy, which is trying to give a dead body an electric shock to resuscitate them. He also talked of creating new types of loans, in other words new types of keeping people in debt.

If we don’t change it, and create a completely different system as an alternative it will completely destroy us, this time, next time and for as many times after that we try to resuscitate it, because it is a system that was sick and diseased when it was designed, from its very inception and foundations to the very top of its roof.

It is built on fear, greed, ruthlessness, cunning, control, suppression, mass manipulation, need I carry on? Only insane, controlling, and disturbed people could conjure up such a system, and insane, disturbed populations are its inevitable outcome. Controlling a population with a money currency based on fear was invariably and obviously a disaster from the beginning, ethically, morally, psychologically and physically.

It is a perfect system if you want to destroy people and create war, misery, slavery, and turn the beautiful planet and its people into an unprecedented mental asylum, with each patient suffering from the same sickness that the money system bestows on them, a lifetime of worry and fear, creating dis eased minds, driving poor humans mad. If we still fail to see what it has done, and is still doing then it has done its inevitable job of destroying our faculties as human beings.

It is predictably collapsing because such a system based on fear, short term greed, and bigger, better, best at the expense of its people is always destined to implode and collapse. Its people, the worker ants, are worked to death and kept in a perpetual state of fear, exacerbated by debts and bills, which generally take all the money they earn. The money they earn ultimately goes back to the oligarchs who employ them, via bills for food, shelter, warmth and transport.

I am still amazed to hear people who are very up to date with the money system and its rancid condition, still talking of fifteen, twenty or thirty years down the line when the system is then at ‘this stage or that’, implying and making projections as though it will actually carry on and recover again.

They are no different to deluded, psychotic captains on a sinking ship up to their necks in water telling the crew to keep rowing and everything’s fine. I am really shocked at the denial I keep seeing, but I also understand why, and I think it must stem mostly, from a deep inner brainwashing and fear that nothing else other than this system is possible, let alone even conceivable in people’s minds. Even the so called experts are almost at a loss for words. - Jason Liosatos.