Friday, May 10, 2013

Rising Anti-Immigration Sentiment in the European Union

Rising Anti-Immigration Sentiment in the EU
Stratfor Europe Analyst Adriano Bosoni discusses the political implications of the increasing number of migrants from the European Union's periphery to its core

This planet been formed by multiculturalism, some how everyone came from somewhere some time ago. its just our racist GENs dictate us to kill each other because of their believes or color. Immigrants do not because they love to came in to others countries, but because they escape the prosecution of regimes, the regimes that helped, dictate and destroyed by the game of supper powers by supper power for domination, immigration is the consequence of the injustices and wars in this world it is not the cause of the problems ....we should get angry at the elite that are financing wars around the world not against poor immigrants who are running for their own safety ...