Friday, May 31, 2013

Student Loan Debt , The Tyranny of Turning The Youth Into Debt Slaves.

Default: the Student Loan Documentary (Broadcast Version)Car loan, bank uses the car as the collateral.
Mortgage, bank uses the house as collateral.
Student loan, bank uses you as the collateral.
Government debt, Reserve bank uses the people as collateral.

It is all designed to return the masses into slavery, serfdom.
The Lords and the serfs. They call that sustainable living– agenda 21 (which has been recently repackaged to be more friendly since it is now so exposed).
The student loan problem may very well be the catalyst for the inevitable coming war. It is really hard to tell — who is better off … the slave to the system who worked hard and avoided debt or the one who is in debt and has been parting and having fun in college.
If the system fails the party crowd at least had a four year party~! The worker without debt has the moral high ground~
Think of your student loan as a tax on being educated if you are poor. The poor were becoming educated and our NWO government doesn’t like the serfs becoming educated so enter —- the educated indentured servant.
The evil empire printed that money and gave it to you (Actually most went to their propaganda wing called the university system). They could just as easily print us all out of debt. They want you to feel trapped and helpless …
Just REFUSE to feel that way.
Look at it this way …
The person with NO loans of any kind … is on the hook for their part of the 17 trillion our nation amassed without our consent. DEBT in this country is unavoidable. WE ARE ALL SLAVES !!
Find joy in your family if you have one. Pay what you can on your debt and do not worry about the length of the debt. “The trouble for each day is sufficient.”
Ask yourself WHAT is life really about and why was I born? Read the number one best selling book of all time and consider WHY it holds that position. Through the ages prayer has worked try it out~ Jesus may actually be your answer. That what I did after finding out about Fema camps and coffins last year~!!
Now is the time to seriously consider how the book of Revelation fore-told the political alignments of the current world 2000 plus years ago.
FORGET about your student DEBT we have a MUCH…

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