Friday, May 17, 2013

The Bitcoin US Government Attack Proves Our System is Slavery

by Jason Liosatos

The US Government’s attempt to close the conduit ‘Dual’ to usurp the Bitcoin phenomenon, absolutely proves they are committed to keeping everyone enslaved to their own money system only, and their action has made a clear statement to everyone that ‘You are our slaves, you can only use our currency and we will punish anyone who tries to leave the prison of debt and slavery that we keep you in for your entire lifetime’. The US governments reaction is yet another whiff of smelling salts to re mind, and re awaken people to the prison they are in, which they were told was freedom and democracy, though of course it is the complete opposite: Imprisonment and slavery.
Bitcoin, the digital, virtual online currency is the canary in the cage, and has shown us that we are indeed prisoners to this system, designed for debt and to trap the people in its lifetime web like a spider does, though the spider is less cruel than the unscrupulous oligarchs, at least the spider lures you into its web, ties you up, rendering you helpless then eats you in a couple of weeks, whereas the ruthless governments who have enslaved humanity, trap people in the web of debt, and keeps them alive feeding off their energy for their whole lives, literally as slaves in their work camp using their currency and nothing else, which they give us then we give it back when we spend it again.
Governments worldwide have made it illegal to use any currency other than theirs, what an audacity, making it clear that we are their slaves and we will not escape the prison they have forced us into. They are literally the heroin dealers and the populations are their addicted users, having been rendered virtually helpless without their money system they have told us we can use.
Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are a nightmare for the governments, our slave masters, and captors because these new currencies are allowing humanity to turn their backs on the system of complete control and fear via complete slavery, and creating a sort of escape tunnel away from the government prison of debt and despair.
At last the chloroform and amnesia is lifting for humanity, and the shocking truth is emerging from the fog of fear and deception that we have been coerced and manipulated to think we are free, but in truth we are all born into a prison of debt and a lifetime of slavery where we literally have our lives and time bought, but that is changing as people everywhere are at last feeling and seeing the chains that bind them.
It is a fact that the realization that you are in a prison only becomes evident if you try to leave, whether you ask nicely, or make a break for it, because only then do you feel the wrath of the prison warden who tells you to return to your cell and get on with it.
Bitcoin is an attempt to break out of prison, and although it is a better alternative to governments notes and coins, it is still another prison of debt via a money currency, albeit an illusory, virtual one, which further highlights the insanity of our system generally. As Gurdgieff said: ‘If you want to escape from prison the first thing you must do is recognize you are in prison’. I have been telling people for years that we will only be free when we can operate completely free from government control, I believe that point is upon us now, and it is us the population that will ultimately make the decision and distinction between freedom or continued slavery. – Jason Liosatos.