Monday, May 27, 2013

The Coming Revolution & Economic Collapse

But they know exactly what is the cause: It is called the Bankers’ Fraud Cycle. Its like a football game someone throws the ball, some catches it — then the ball disappears and the other players are left to pay for it. The only purpose was to make a banker CEO and a couple of cronies rich. The only people who truly document the scam are Iceland, it’s a double ended scam and people need to be charged with crimes, to get at both ends of it. Not a business cycle — a fraud cycle. Fools needed to play. They want to take the citizen’s money and stuff it into the pockets of a CEO as a bonus for theft expedited. They have factored the reserves out to infinity

As recorded by their biographers, one of the most effective devices employed by the House of Rothschild through the years to destroy their competitors and to discipline recalcitrant statesmen has been that of artificially creating an over-extended inflation by extended speculation, then to cash in and let others hold the bag. This trick was worked by them at intervals through the years. The Bank of England is in effect a sovereign world power, for this privately owned institution is not subject to regulation or control in the slightest degree by the British Parliament. A succinct outline of this situation appears in the Encyclopedia Americana under “Great Britain–Banking In.” This privately owned and controlled institution functions as the great balance wheel of the credit of the world, able to expand or contract credit at will. And is subject only to the orders of the City, the City dominated by the fortune of the House of Rothschild and the policies of the House of Rothschild.

The fact that the House of Rothschild made its money in the great crashes of history and the great wars of history, the very periods when others lost their money, IS beyond question.

From the book The Empire of “The City”–The Secret History of British Financial Power by E. C. Knuth, first published in 1944 (Page 71)

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