Monday, May 13, 2013

The Prophetic Fall of the USA

Signs, Omens, Symbology; Prophecy, Portals and Spiritual Abandonment 2.17.2013 on The Hagmann Report

 In "America the Babylon" by Coombes. His well-researched book leaves no stone unturned, and concludes that America is indeed the "Mystery Babylon" described in the Bible. As for the Pope as "False Profit" - this is not clear at this point.123 prophecies dealing with end time Babylon the catholic church on fulfills one. but! all 123 prophecies for end time Babylon fits America not the catholic church and church is within Babylon. The catholic church doesn't become the economic hub of the world but America does.A meteor will hit offshore NY and destroy 13 eastern states- Rev 18:21 a second one will hit Yellowstone caldera destroying the western US and western Canada the 1st is rev 8 or the 2nd trumpet the other is the 5th trumpet. These targets are to destroy all of Babylon America forever by the hand of God for Americas abortions and same sex marriage endorsements and these are only a few of the most corrupt nation in human history all combined-55million murders of the unborn, your end is sure Babylon