Monday, May 27, 2013

The Resurrection and Resuscitation of Ourselves, Our Consciousness and Society

We are resuscitating ourselves from a near death experience, which was caused by government suppression and manipulation.  
The words resurrection and resuscitation mean ‘to revive from unconsciousness or apparent death, revival after disuse, inactivity or decay, a restoration to being, memory, and to vigor or vividness’.
This is what is taking place now, we are dying and remembering the great gifts we possess, which have been dulled and dampened by the system we are living in. We are resuscitating ourselves, literally on another level; it is like giving ourselves the kiss of life. There are many stories in older cultures mirroring this metaphor of being born unto ourselves. Millions upon millions of people are awakening now and literally coming around from the chloroform that has anesthetized us for so very long, this is a time of a mass regaining of consciousness which has been predicted by many cultures and prophets.
The poignancy of this mass transformation can’t be overstated. It is a resurrection and resuscitation of people worldwide which had to take place inevitably because people were at the brink of a spiritual death in effect. The system of suppression and mass manipulation had got to the point where it was crushing people so much they could barely breathe and survive any longer. It is like the drastic baptism of St John I talked of, where a person’s head is held under the water till they are almost drowning, kicking and thrashing for survival, and then they are released into a reawakened state having almost died. In near death we find ourselves.
And so it is now with people all around the world, who had been squeezed and pushed to the point of almost snapping, and that despair has triggered the transformation, awakening and mass demonstrations worldwide to reclaim the freedom and life that had been robbed and squeezed from them.
It is a call to consciousness for every living human being to reclaim their stolen souls, and we all feel that. It is as though a universal alarm bell has gone off, alerting everyone to the grave danger we face if we allow this system to put us asleep for a moment longer. – Jason Liosatos.

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