Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Revolution of Consciousness

People all over the world are waking up at last from the anesthetizing effects of our system of suppression which has kept us asleep. The stage is set, the race is on, and history holds our page open, pen in hand and awaits the result.
I have been saying for many years that we are lucky that people haven’t all woken up from the chloroform at once, because the system would have collapsed to its knees overnight. This might not have been so bad but it would have brought more suffering on the already suffering population and that concerned me because we have suffered enough as it is.
I was always concerned that if all the people all saw through the lies and deceit all at once, they would stop what they were doing and literally rebel and be really angry to find out the glaring truth that they had been lied and cheated for thousands of years. Everything would then collapse and there would be chaos. I had an inner rift about this for years, I wanted everyone to wake up and transcend the choking, dullness of the system, and see through the mist of ignorance and smog that covers the revolting system of mass manipulation and control that has kept humanity in its choking head lock for so long. It has been very lonely all these years knowing the whole system was designed to keep us all as sleep walking prisoners and robots to be used by the controlling elite.
I knew people would be very angry to learn the awful truth that they had been made fools of along with their close family and distant ancestors, being made slaves and manipulated by the same unscrupulous oligarchs for a very long time. This is a bitter pill for anyone who trusted the smiling politicians for years and years, putting their trust and faith in them, and handing their souls over.
And so the transformation in people has been a gradual one, but is now being accelerated because people really have suffered long enough. In some older traditions it was said that when humanity got to a point where the suffering of people outweighed the learning via the suffering then the school bell would ring and we would all go home, and return to our awakened, transformed selves. I am convinced we are at that evolutionary crossroads right now, and that’s why people all over the world are waking up, and in one sense its horrifying because there is going to be, and already is mayhem for a while, but I am now convinced that enough is enough and people have suffered too long now, and the prison walls must come down.
So what we are all experiencing and seeing is the beginning of a mass awakening, it is a consciousness revolution not a physical one. And as we can see the people are not being fooled any more. Egypt is a good example, they overthrew the government but it was predictable that the oligarchs would just shuffle the playing cards around a bit and hoped it would put the people back to sleep again but the trick didn’t work this time again. Thank goodness the people now have seen the way the tricks are played, and they know it’s the same organization of people in control with different names.
So the stage is definitely set, the people know their captures and enemy, what they look like, and at last people everywhere are realizing that it is the population, the people, that are in fact the producers and editors of the whole show, and its ending, or new beginning. It is the engine room of the ship, the people, that ultimately steer humanity’s destination and not the psychotic government captains on the bridge. We are indeed seeing the re- empowerment of humanity via a mass globally awakening. – Jason Liosatos.