Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tim Rifat ~ Resonant Energy Weapons vs the Rothschilds

Tim Rifat with Jeff Rense, May 8, 2013 : Resonant Energy Weapons vs the Rothschilds

The halls of power are descendants of the pharisees/seed of Cain, the world is owned by them, they have no reason 2allow religions other than serving their own agenda. Christians have no concept of reincarnation by design 2weaken them. The messiah returns through the womb cause we are made in his image. We have been duped because their infiltration is in every institution, media, education, politics and religion for ages.  Also the concept of a messiah is heavily downplayed by Christianity cause they're serving the God of the pharisees Lucifer through a proxy called Zionism. He was prophesied but through their control of all institutions their plan is to deny him and determine their own outcome, namely a false messiah. Their genetics have no Biblical connection 2the land of Israel. Only the Messiah can undo this curse or else we face the hell of a world dominated by the synagog of Satan and billions will die.

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  1. The desendants of Caim are called Kenites(hebrew word for children of Cain) Cains father was satan that Wicked One as said in 1John 3:12.