Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WW3 Threat ~ Israel threatens to strike Russia’s shipments of missiles to Syria

JERUSALEM—Israel's defence chief said Tuesday a Russian plan to supply sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles to Syria was a "threat" and signalled that Israel is prepared to use force to stop the delivery.

EU lifts arms embargo on Syria

The warning by Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon ratcheted up tensions with Moscow over the planned sale of S-300 air-defence missiles to Syria. Earlier in the day, a top Russian official said his government remained committed to the deal.

Russia confirms missile deal with Syria

Israel has been lobbying Moscow to halt the sale, fearing the missiles would upset the balance of power in the region and could slip into the hands of hostile groups, including the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, a close ally of the Syrian regime.
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    A boy walks on the rubble of buildings damaged by what activists said were missiles fired by Syrian Air Force fighter jets loyal to President Bashar Assad in Salqin city on Tuesday. zoom

Israel has carried out several airstrikes in Syria in recent months that are believed to have destroyed weapons shipments bound for Hezbollah. Israel has not confirmed carrying out the attacks.

The delivery of the Russian missiles to Syria could limit the Israeli air force's ability to act. It is not clear whether Israeli warplanes entered Syrian airspace in these attacks.

Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu travelled to Russia to discuss the Syrian situation with President Vladimir Putin. The sides have said little about the talks, but the S-300s were believed to have been on the agenda.

"Clearly this move is a threat to us," Yaalon told reporters Tuesday when asked about the planned Russian sale.

"At this stage I can't say there is an escalation. The shipments have not been sent on their way yet. And I hope that they will not be sent," he said. But "if God forbid they do reach Syria, we will know what to do."

Since the Syrian conflict erupted in March 2011, Israel repeatedly has voiced concerns that Syria's sophisticated arsenal, including chemical weapons, could either be transferred to Hezbollah, a bitter enemy of Israel, or fall into the hands of rebels battling Syrian President Bashar Assad. The rebels include Al Qaeda-affiliated groups that Israel believes could turn their attention toward Israel if they topple Assad.

Syria already possesses Russian-made air defences, and Israel is believed to have used long-distance bombs fired from Israeli or Lebanese airspace. The S-300s would expand Syria's capabilities, allowing it to counter airstrikes launched from foreign airspace as well.
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  1. israel declares nuclear war to France Britain, Russia china, India, Pakistan, north Korea south Korea japan, israel ready to kill all humans in sight, beware save yourself AIPACS hope of turning israel into a mad dog has being accomplished. so to bad for israel, but Hollywood will love it, the end of israel on a nuclear holocaust. Spielberg will love he has lost of material like the crematoriums and so on, great for busyness. wars are good for the entertainment industry.

  2. I hope Israel is stupid enough to do this, Russia will spank them but good. They've been begging for someone to put them in their place lately, practicing all sorts of disgusting, genocidal human rights violations. Screw Israel.

  3. As God is on Isreal's side,
    as he is all powerfull,

    so I don't worry about Israel
    and I wish Israel wisdom and peace.

    May the other nations realize that it is not good to be against Israel, as it will not be good for their future...... but that it will be a blessing to stand with Israel.

    Shalom to Israel