Monday, June 10, 2013

A Call to All Good People in Government and Finance – By Jason Liosatos

The truth is like a beautiful daybreak, after a long dark night, it always comes up without fail, and illuminates all dark spaces.

There is no doubt, that complete transparency in all areas of government is now taking place, and all those in the lower echelons of government who are aware of the terrible corruption, manipulation and deceit, should come forward now and clear their names, and wash their hands out in the open, and rid themselves of the burden of being amongst the ranks of the most unscrupulous people on the planet.

As the spotlight of truth sweeps through all levels of government, and as complete transparency washes away the secrecy that normally surrounds and protects what is going on in all levels of government, there will be no place in the establishment that will not be fully exposed. The exposure will not just be exposing the present corruption and deceit, but will open and expose virtually everything that has taken place previously.

As more and more people in government feel guilty for being a part of the global sickness of corrupt government, the more people will defect and come out to clear their names. This is taking place now as the spotlight of truth burns deep into people’s conscience. It is also taking place in the military and police as they can no longer stand shoulder to shoulder with the lies and deceit of those who give them their orders.

There is a definite purging taking place which is exposing everything which is not the truth, with the technology of the internet speeding the process up to lightning speed, and that lightening of truth is striking into the hearts of the most unlikely of people we would expect to step forward and speak the truth. This truth is finding everybody and there is nowhere to hide.

So let all those who know the truth to come forward and speak the truth, and it is better to come forward and admit one’s own conscious involvement in deception and show remorse, than to wait on the collapsing tower of lies and be seen floundering in the rubble later when it has collapse. – Jason Liosatos.