Saturday, June 22, 2013

Buy GOLD Now ! As CURRENCY WAR Has Been Started

Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis : A currency war sounds weirdly abstract, like a game played by rival politicians -- but it can have devastating effects in the real world. And it's not all that different from a rivalry of different kind -- a hypothetical sibling rivalry.

We call it an international "currency war," or we could call it the "new race to the bottom" -- but what it amounts to is an unprecedented devaluation of currencies world-wide. Central banks around the world, imitating the Federal Reserve's so-called "quantitative easing," are beginning to devalue their own currencies in an attempt to gain market share for their exports. But this will generate inflation that will devastate the purchasing power of consumers who use those currencies. And behind all of this is a specter of hyperinflation -- the economic scourge that has historically been the precursor of domestic unrest, political tyranny, and even world war. Is this what the ongoing international "currency war" holds in our future? How can we prepare for the gathering economic storm? We will discuss this vitally important questions with legendary trader and market analyst Yra Harris.