Friday, June 7, 2013



Former CIA Director David Petraeus is in attendance at the 2013 Bilderberg Group conference to help construct the "big data" spy grid, which is set to become the new frontier of clandestine statecraft as Internet connectivity becomes ubiquitous.

Bilderberg's official agenda for 2013 lists one of the areas of discussion as, "How big data is changing almost everything," a reference to how the "Internet of things" along with the ubiquitous growth of social media is transforming the world of surveillance and the ability to foresee and manipulate future events.

Bilderberg's effort to push the "big data" agenda ties in with the secretive organization's close relationship with Google, which as we documentedis now merging with and taking over from Bilderberg in many aspects.

The discussion about "big data" is also likely to cover how social media can be used to launch more faux revolutions and social movements as it was in Egypt, which was aided in no small part by Google.

It's ironic that Petraeus is helping bolster the very same surveillance system that brought him down last year when details emerged of his extra-marital affair.

For the scores of protesters gathered in a cordoned-off corner of Watford's luxury Grove Hotel grounds, today was something of a victory. They were there to expose what is billed as the ultimate in furtive gatherings, a meeting where global policy is drawn up behind firmly closed doors by a small group of the west's uber-elite. Or that's what critics of the Bilderberg group would have you believe.

Yet there was nothing secretive about the start of the four-day ego fest, which was being live streamed into conspiracy theorists' living rooms all over the planet by the hardcore of alternative media, epitomised by US radio host Alex Jones, who had assembled in their hundreds in the hope of catching a glimpse of attendees, ranging from our own Chancellor George Osborne and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls to the heads of Google, BP, Goldman Sachs and Shell.
attendees were gathering, there was even talk a Bilderberger might break rank to disclose for the first time since the group started in 1954 some of the detail up for discussion

The singer was nothing if not sincere in his belief that events for the next "365 days" were being mapped out up on the hill, along with some heavy duty "brainwashing". "War with Iran" was only a question of timing, with "the end game being total domination of the world and a population reduction of 90 per cent," he said. "When you see the euro go down the tube, the dollar will follow, and then they'll say, 'Just use these plastic cards'. Then they'll put chips in the back of our necks. If you don't do what they say, they'll turn off your chip and you'll starve to death."

Simon Taylor, 46, a courier driver from Dewsbury, spoke for many when he said the Bilderbergers were out to "bankrupt the middle classes". This, Jones added, was the goal of those gathered at the Grove who wanted to create "a new global dark age. To make us so poor we can't politically organise. Tyrants hate a middle class".

The meeting's agenda, made public for the first time this year along with a breakdown of the 138 attendees -- of which just 14 were women -- listed such topics as cyber warfare, developments in the Middle East, big data, and the all-encompassing "current affairs".

For many of the protesters, however, the real draw comes tomorrow when David Icke, the self-styled global saviour, arrives to address the crowd at what has been dubbed the Bilderberg Fringe Festival. Police were warned to expect up to 10,000 attendees.

Who's invited: Bilderberg guests Jeff Bezos Amazon founder and chief executive Eric Schmidt Google executive chairman George Osborne Chancellor Ed Balls Shadow Chancellor Lord Mandelson Labour peer Peter Sutherland Goldman Sachs International chairman Henry Kissinger Former US Secretary of State Marcus Agius Former Barclays chairman David Petraeus Ex-US general Not invited but going anyway David Icke Conspiracy theorist

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