Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Euro Crisis is Just Beginning, Global Collapse is Coming

The economic collapse that is coming will be global. What we're seeing in Europe is just the beginning. Coming

Actually, Europe and America will collapse not Asia. Asia is the one LOANING all the Money to the West. Europe has it the WORST, America can possibly get through it. This year there was a 9% reduction in spending and the new tax rates will generate more revenue. The revenues are expected to be 2.9 trillion and the budget cost 3.9 trillion. Everything is getting reduced so that eventually some of the debt can be paid off. Asia has the majority of foreign reserves with low debt. Bottom-line is the DEFENSE BUDGET which is $700 billion, CANNOT BE MAINTAINED at that level. We will destroy our economy spending so much on the military we can collapse like Russia. There is NO WAY we CAN WIN against CHINA. China is the LOANING US THE MONEY and what we are going to go to war with CHINA through borrowing money through THEM? Bush pumped up the Military budget so high by about 400 billion more. We need that eliminated, CHINA KNOWS not to go to WAR because it damages their Economy