Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gold and Silver the Pure Precious Insanity – By Jason Liosatos

Someone, somewhere once, thousands of years ago, decided a yellow metal was precious, and we still believe them.

Gold is as absurd as paper money. Who decided gold was a precious metal? Was it the Egyptians that decided, or some guy drunk at a bar thinking it was a good idea many thousands of years ago? What is gold? It’s a word made up from g, o, l, and d. Imagine trying to impress someone in a village in the deepest amazon with a lump of gold who had never seen it before, or knew what it was supposed to be. You would have a hard time trying to convince them it was precious, and imagine how silly you would feel as all the villagers roared with laughter as you tried to swop your lump of gold worth a million dollars for a canoe, or even a canoe ride to the next village, or even a bowl of food. At best you might convince them it would make a good door stop for them.

It’s a heavy metal with a yellow color, a shiny, pretty color, but so what. How about silver? Again a word made of letters, less precious than gold, looks nice, it’s a metal, its grey, and I am sorry to burst the bubble but what is the difference between gold and lead, pebbles and rocks, metal and steel? The answer is that the only difference is the human insanity that is perceiving it to be valuable.

If the Egyptians or Greeks or the guy in the bar had said lead, or tigers claws, elephants tusks or dogs dung, would we still believe them. It’s tragicomic. We are so gullible and conditioned by these things, let us at least admit it’s insanity, that is what this is, pure delusional insanity.

But before someone says it, of course in our current financial meltdown I wouldn’t say no to a few bars of it myself, I’m sure you could cut it into little pieces and do some deals with it for food, and water hopefully before someone killed you for it so they could do the same thing.

But in the clear light of day when the systems gone bust what would someone do with ten bars of precious gold? You can’t eat it, or even carry it it’s so heavy. And someone would soon blow your brains out to take it from you. You would have to hide it, but if you told, or showed someone, they may cut your throat for it. Its crazy madness this system. Madness is like wine it gets better with age, and this system of madness and money is as rotten through as the fruit we make our expensive wine from.

If our current emergency does do its job of forcing us to transform into sane, rational beings, then one day – if we survive – humanity will look back in disbelief that we believed, and bought into such a delusional financial system of paper and metal which is currently spearheading our trajectory into destruction and disaster. A new system is way overdue, one of balance, symbiosis and sanity, and we must move away from our current system of short term greed, debt and slavery, based on fear, fear which is endemic for both the winners and the losers. – Jason Liosatos www.jasonliosatos.com