Saturday, June 15, 2013

John Stossel about Immigration

John Stossel ~ The American Dream

I do think the free market is always preferable, but that the monopolies that still exist in a free market are not problematic because they are still subject to some market forces, and because they would not be able to maintain their monopolies if they did anything bad and caused people to support a competitor.
Crime and criminal are completely arbitrary legal concepts, created by government.

In an ideal world, breeding animals and murdering them for meat would be illegal, so meat-eaters would be criminals and put into prison. Those who continue to ignore anthropogenic global warming and put more than their fair share of CO2 into the air (coal companies) should also be outlawed and thrown into prison.
The Judicial system is racist on that basis. Almost half of the people in prison cells are due to nonviolent drug possession. And 85% of those are minorities. A black male is likely to do 10 years for just caring a dime of marijuana(soft drug) while there are people like Lindsay Lohan that do hard drugs gets DWI's steals a expansive diamond necklace while she just gets a slap on her wrist from the judicial system.