Friday, June 28, 2013

Land of the Blind - The Illusion of Freedom in America

John Whitehead has written books about the current state of America and he knows where we are and where we are headed. The prognosis, is not good! A small group wants totalitarian control over the masses. Will they get it? It depends upon the herd. We can awaken and turn on the cowboys or be driven off to the slaughterhouses. This is the turning point, in human history. I'm sure that the masses will not awaken and do what's necessary. The small group are smart and organized and the herd isn't even aware that their reality is being dictated to them and nothing they have been told is truthful. The public is Public Enemy Number One, accused of being terrorists, while the real terrorists are the accusers. It's much like a cheating husband who accuses the wife of cheating. The TSA humiliates the airline passenger and takes whatever belongings the TSA agent wants and at the end of the day, the TSA agents are enriched, like highwaymen who fleeced passengers on the old coach roads and the airline passenger is conditioned for slavery and mind control. Who is going to protest, when the government has the guns and the force? The only way out is secession and it must be given careful consideration. You won't have long to take action. The last nail is being driven into the coffin of freedom!
A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State John Whitehead