Saturday, June 8, 2013

Michael Savage Attacks Caller Defending Obama on NSA Spying

Any one that think Obama if that is its name loves you your right he love to lock you up. he would love to drone you. he would love to steal your money. he would love to make up new laws for things that happen in different countries and he would love to take away all your rights

If it really didn't matter about our freedoms and Liberties, there wouldn't be so many damn crosses in Arlington National Cemetery and that means every Vet alive, dead or dieing meaning; every Father, Brother, Son, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Family Member or Friend,, that fought for them freedoms and liberties, really didn't matter either. These brain dead, doped up pill junkie sheeple should go ask the wizard for some courage, some heart, and some brains, since they live in the land of Oz.