Saturday, June 8, 2013

Michael Savage Exposes and Destroys Tyrant Barack Obama Over Massive Spying Revelations

Radio Commentary by Michael Savage Aired on June 7, 2013

Obama is just the puppet or the face of the agenda. Albeit he is not "innocent" so to speak. In any event Bush was the prep to get Obama elected. Obama is much worse and has much more leftest populist support for his evil agenda which is scariest.
Michael Savage's radio show known as "The Savage Nation", has a very large audience, consisting of millions of listeners and growing, on stations across America. The "Savage Nation" is a very informative talk show. The show is very popular but can be held discreet due to the fact that Michael Savage himself does not concern himself to be part of the mainstream media which can be full of propaganda and deceit. This is what makes Michael Savage and his show a rare gem. A rare gem that some people might not be familiar with. This is why I made this page. I feel this man and his show should be recognized by any and all who are not familiar with his distinct virtue and his appreciation of Borders, Language, and Culture.