Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Casino System is Sick Financial Terrorism – By Jason Liosatos

The difficulty is not in thinking of new ideas but escaping the old ones that are killing us.

Our system is like a big casino. The stock market is a big gambling center based on fear, where bets are placed on things going up and down, derivatives, futures, credit default swops, hedge bets, and speculators and on ad nausea. Bets are being made right now on the outcome of wars and conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere, and as people are bombed and killed, and watch their children die, there are people betting on the outcomes for huge profits.

I will say it again because it’s a shocking truth to grasp. Investment strategists are making bets on outcomes as people are getting slaughtered. Even sicker than that, is that the very people in government who are designing those conflicts, place their own bets on the outcomes which they already know before they begin, thus securing themselves huge profits at the expense of sometimes millions of lives, as in the Iraq slaughter. So really in these cases it’s not a bet, it’s a dead certainty, carefully calculated to create planned outcomes, be it the grabbing of the oil, land, underground minerals, poppy fields and on and on.

I don’t call them wars because in my mind a war is two parties competing for something, whereas the Iraq slaughter, and the current on-going rapacious take overs are just one sided, bloody massacres, like shooting practice, to secure the oil, minerals, money, gold and a strategic foothold in the Middle East.

Like any casino there is a lot of fear for the players, though for the casino bosses there is much less fear, as they are the ones who can set up the games and scenarios which are to be gambled upon in the first place.

It is a well-known, provable fact that many wars have been started to create huge profit and economic recoveries by their outcomes. They were carefully planned by the unscrupulous casino owners, sadly unbeknownst to the soldiers dying and wounded in that conflict, while killing the sometimes millions of innocent people. When we see people dying of starvation we must face the truth that the global casino is killing them and their starving little babies. The casino owners have no conscience, and mass manipulation and massive profits are their God. – Jason Liosatos www.jasonliosatos.com