Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ron Paul ~ We Are Witnessing The Failure Of The State, The Government and The Fed

Ron Paul with Cavuto ~ What We Are Witnessing Is A "Failure" Of The State, Gov't & Fed

Obama is leading Amerika down the yellow brick road to economic ruin. Protect yourself any way you can. Pretty soon the entire country will look like tornado-strewn Oklahoma or a bombed-out Detroit once he is done with gutting it.
Most government programs turn out to be traps for grabbing your money one way or another, with penalties, fines, surcharges, etc. Currency inflation is a form of taxation without regard to income.

The only authority for a federal tax is the 16th Amendment, so one could argue that “quantitative easing” is a violation of civil rights because the power to print currency in unlimited amounts was never granted to the federal government. The constitution authorized only gold and silver as payment.

The point is, the federal reserve could be sued for civil and constitutional rights violations by anyone whose savings are diminished by the printing of paper currency. Few lawyers would want to take that case to federal court, but the legal theory supporting a claim seems plausible.