Monday, June 10, 2013

The Purging of World Government – By Jason Liosatos

Here is the governments chance to step forward, wipe their slate clean, and re balance their karmic bank account by telling the truth.

There is a chance, a final opportunity for the worst people in this world, who lead people by fear, lies, cruelty and horrible manipulation. A chance for them to set down their agendas of greed, power, manipulation and control which robs the people of their sanity and health. The immense level of suffering and horrific cruelty which has been done to the population by the world’s oligarchs and their money bosses in the higher echelons is so enormous that one could never imagine any forgiveness for such crimes against humanity.

There is a spotlight of truth which is shining deep into the souls and hearts of these people and if you look closely you can see it on their faces and the way they move. The once terrible smugness and arrogance they previously had is faltering under this spotlight of exposure of anything which isn’t ethically, morally, truthful and just, and the guilt is now plain to see.

There is something miraculous happening at the moment. The lies, corruption, cheating and all other Government misconduct seems to be surfacing like dirty oil in water, it is amazing. The filth and falsity, and all that is not truth seems to be coming to the surface to be exposed. It’s as though it has to resurface, like a law of nature that is exposing anything unjust. I do not think a lot of them are aware of this fire of transformation yet which is consuming their conscience and entire being, and the spotlight is shining from many sources. It is like a giant lie detector which is closing in on them, and they still have a chance to redeem themselves. As the population discover the truth about the people who run this world, the more the lies will become obvious.

Now is the time for them to still keep a semblance of self-respect and dignity, by stepping forward and just being honest, by telling the truth, that they couldn’t control the power that was bestowed upon them, and that they weren’t responsible enough, and completely abused their positions, and that massive greed, and unscrupulous agendas consumed them. Then they would admit every dreadful act they have committed, and accept drastic therapy to redress the terrible imbalances they have.

I believe that the relief that would be felt by these people would by far outweigh the shame and guilt that they would feel at having fallen so far from grace. I am sure there would be pity and much help for them, and a compassion which they themselves didn’t show, because they didn’t have, to someone like Saddam Hussein that they hung on television, who was clearly psychologically sick like themselves.

Though obviously they couldn’t be allowed to integrate back into society until they had undergone drastic therapies under strict, but compassionate supervision.- Jason Liosatos.